Iron Oak Barn History...

The Iron Oak Barn is a celebration of agricultural history in South Carolina. The McGee Mule Barn, an important heritage landmark relocated from Starr, SC to Pendleton, SC is a structure of great historic value for Anderson County and for the state of South Carolina. The McGee family ran a highly successful business out of this barn, exporting mules, the tractors of their day, across South Carolina and the South. There is even on office inside where literal "stock traders" ran the mule business prior to WWII. As you walk through the barn, you can feel the weight of its important history. This barn has been restored to its former glory on the grounds of the Agricultural Museum to be used as an educational piece and event space for corporate gatherings, concerts, weddings, and more.

Below, you will find a gallery of photos showcasing the barn in its original state in Starr. The process of relocating and restoring this impressive structure was a labor of love that took over two years. Much of the barn's original pieces will be on display in the exhibit room in the newly renovated space. Additionally, guests will find details such as the original roof used throughout the barn to preserve the feeling of this historic structure. 


We hope that you love this incredible place as much as we do, and that it can serve as the perfect backdrop for your perfect day or event. Check out our event tab to see the fun things that we have planned at the Iron Oak Barn. We can't wait to see you here!

Mule Barn Outside