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Iron Oak Barn History...

Formerly the McGee Mule Barn, the Iron Oak Barn was relocated from Starr, SC to Pendleton, SC in 2020. The McGee family ran a highly successful business out of the building until WWII, exporting mules all across the South. Inside, literal "stock traders" ran the mule business from the loft office and the animals slept in their stalls below. As you walk through the barn, you can imagine the hustle and bustle of sale days and the gentle rest of early mornings gone by. This barn is a celebration of agricultural history and has been restored to its former glory - and modernized with several amenities - on the grounds of the Agricultural Museum of South Carolina, where it's waiting to be a part of your day in history.

Below, you will find a series of photos showcasing the barn in its original state in Starr. The process of relocating and restoring this impressive structure was a labor of love that took over two years. A majority of the barn's original wood and fixtures are still on display today. Additionally, guests will find other details, like the use of the original tin roof throughout the barn, applied to preserve the rich history of the space. 


We hope that you love this incredible place as much as we do, and that it can serve as the perfect backdrop for your event. Check out our "Events" tab to see the fun things that we have planned at the Iron Oak Barn or call (770) 773-6159 to book today. We can't wait to have you here!

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